Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Halloween Ideas for Kids

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Halloween Recipes, Crafts and Ideas for Kids. Looking for quick, easy and inexpensive kid friendly Halloween ideas? Look no further. We have creative party, costume, food, and craft tips.
Looking for quick, easy and inexpensive kid friendly Halloween ideas? Look no further. If you have additional Halloween ideas for kids, please post them to the comment blogs below and share them with all our Fabulous Folks.

Ghost Cookies
Using peanut shaped cookies, spread with white frosting or marshmallow fluff, add chocolate chips for eyes and nose. OR Dip Nutter Butter cookies in melted white chocolate and let completely dry. Then let the kids decorate the face with frosting and chocolate chips.

Have a Costume Swap Party
Save money and have fun by having a pre-Halloween costume making/costume swap party. Invite all the parents and kids in your circle. Have everyone bring old costumes, or costume elements. Encourage creativity by letting the kids play dress-up. It helps to separate costume elements into piles such as wigs, hats, masks, dresses, pants, shirts, jewelry, etc. This a fun a party idea where parents get to visit, the kids get to play and everyone goes home with a new Halloween costume. You can also have crafts set up so kids can make their own masks, costumes or accessories.

Graveyard Pudding
Put chocolate pudding in clear plastic containers and place a gummy worm or two in the pudding half submerged. Cover the top of the pudding with crushed chocolate Oreo® cookie crumbs.Have one of the worms peeking out of the dirt.

Potato Ghosts & Bat Shaped Meatloaf
Hand sculpt mashed potatoes to look like ghosts and place on an oiled baking sheet. Brush with melted butter, and put in the oven to heat and brown a little. Serve potato ghosts with bat shaped meat loaf, by using a bat shaped cookie cutter to form the individual portions before baking.

Spooky Sandwich Puzzles
Let the children make their own peanut butter sandwiches with two pieces of bread. Give each child a Halloween cookie cutter and let them press the shape out of the center of their sandwich. They will now have a "spooky sandwich puzzle."

Scrambled Brains
Scrambled eggs feel and look like brains -- add a few drops of green, red and blue food coloring as you're beating the eggs and the final product will come out delightfully drab, yet delicious gray.

"Hand" Snacks
You'll need some clear plastic food server gloves (one for each child), some popcorn, candy corn and a bit of yarn or ribbon. Take glove and place a candy corn in each of the fingers to represent a fingernail. Fill the rest of the glove with popcorn and tie the top of the glove with yarn or ribbon.

Swamp Slime
Prepare some green jello according to package directions, when it starts to solidify, divide it into two containers. Stir in various gummy bugs to the first container. Beat the rest of the jello with some whipped cream or cool whip and add to the top of the slime. Let set.

Demonic Jello
Regular green food coloring does interesting things to orange Jello. Make a bowl and when it's semi-solid drip several drops of green coloring onto the surface and stir in gently. They'll swirl into dark funnel clouds.

Buggy Ice
Freeze ice cubes with raisins in them to look like bugs.

Witch Hat Cookies (No bake)
Take Oreo® cookies and place them on wax paper. Place an unwrapped Hershey's kiss in the middle of the cookie attaching it with a dab of frosting. With orange colored frosting, pipe a ring around the candy kiss to look like a hat band.

Many of the ideas in this article were contributed by Jenny Wanderscheid, editor of ChildFun.com where you can visit for tons of family friendly tips, projects, and ideas.